Brother:  I always wanted a older brother, always.  When I was a little girl I thought about what it would be like to have a brother 10 to 15 years older than me.  It even could have been a half brother.   Someone that loved me and protected me and took care of me and watched out for and watched over me, and yes even spanked me soundly when I was naughty or did not behave.

Did it ever become sexual between " us?". No never in my mind but it "could" be very sensual and or affectionate.  I will post some photos and photos later as you what I have in mind.

I want a "brother" that is from 40 to 50 years old. It will not work for me if the person is younger than me and to much older than me.

You should be "attractive" (whatever that means, not to slim and not more than 20 pounds overweight.  The voice and the demeanor has to be right "for me". The chemistry has to be right "for me".

Remember I can live without this person.  But I would love to meet this person and have them in my life "long term."  A short term friendship would be o.k. with the right person but I am looking for someone that can "be" the older brother I never had. Not for just the discipline but for the advice and the fact he cares about me . 

Interested?  Send me a "letter" revealing more about you, your needs and wants, your background in this area (if any) and one or more photos.  If you can't write the letter and you cant send the photos then please don't respond.  Please don't send me a letter that says "sure,  Jane I'll spank your ass and cop a feel, count me in.