I know what your thinking: I have one of the largest spanking sites in the world.  I have a great boyfriend and a super "day job" that pays me very well and lets me "play" all I want.  I can travel when and where I want.  I get to be in photo shoots with sexy men and women that share my fetish and I make money doing it.   I have to say there are still some things missing for me.   I have some "discipline issues" that are not being met, even now.   I am just bratty enough to want it all and to want it my way. Can it get sexual with the right person? You bet it can.  Is there a chance you can make some of these dreams I have come true? 

Please click on the link below to find out more about "What I Want and Need."

Brother spanks Younger Sister:

Father Spanks Daughter:  (Link up soon)  Daddy's naughty little girl?  Have you been a daddy? Do you want to be a daddy? Write me.

Governess Spanks Charge: (Link up soon)  Women only!!!  Have you dealt effectively with  naughty charges?   A  Mother, Nanny, Aunt or Governess? Or have you wanted to?  Write me!

More Than Just A Spanking?:  (Link up soon)   Strap? Cane? Hairbrush? Belt?  Paddle? Birch? Over the chair?  Can you take control?  A university professor "type" would be wonderful and would score extra points.   Can you take me to a place I have not been to yet?      Write me!


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