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Dear Friends With a Common Interest,

This is your site and I want it to fill your wants and needs.  If you have any constrictive suggestions or sections you want to see that are not already here send me mail at SpankingDigest@aol.com  Also, if you find a link that is not working or any other  problems with the site, please be so kind as to write me.

I do need each of you to do one thing for me,  please send me your favorite or what (to you) is your most exciting picture, drawing, cartoon, letter, or story.  This helps me in two ways. I have found that what you like is what others are interested in too. We can grow much faster as these are the items that I will post first.  Won't you please stop what you are doing and send me something now?

YES, one of the photos in the "bottoms" section is mine.  Find it if you must.   (wink) 

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After you sign up please visit the personals. http://www.SpankingFriends.com  You will find many people of like interest.  We have spent too many years talking about spanking with ourselves or imaginary friends, let's make new friends that we can talk to in real time.  There are many, many men and woman with a spanking interest that would like to meet the right person for an evening or a lifetime.   Free password to Friends if you sign-up for our mailing list and send an e-mail to spankingdigest@aol.com

Well kids, that's all the news from spankville for today.

Work hard, play hard, and wear your seat belt.  I will leave the light on for you and a chocolate on your pillow. 

Hugs and spanks,

Sassy Jane 

A note on updates: I am trying to add no less than ten new items a day.  If you come by every day you will not see the site change much.  If you come by weekly you will be able to see 50 to 100 new items a week and if you come by monthly I would hope you would see over 300 to 400 new items.  On top of that, Platinum Members receive 4 monthly rotated videos!  I will try and balance the new items I upload.  There are so many areas and pages and interests in our sport, it is not always easy to have something for everyone all the time.  You can help by sending me "6 of your best".  If want to see today's membership specials: click here

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