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Subject: Spanking
From: (Ferrets3mommy)

You really to need to check this out. Right now I am a member of 4 sites. She is really doing a good job and keeps you informed if you give her your e-mail address. She really is doing what she says. And it is only $10.00 a month. And she has movie clips. She has stories. She has cartoons. She has everything. And she lets you do a 3-day trial for almost nothing, that's where I started. She responds to everything you write and has a real interest in you. I have started using a different screen name now that I am doing this interaction thing because my primary screen name is too revealing. Please give her a try. I am not getting anything out of this, but have visited so many sites, and so far she is the best.

The Spanking Digest-  A new and comprehensive site that is run by a woman that is into the scene.  The site covers all aspects of spanking and corporal punishment and has a large section dedicated to childhood memories of spankings.  The updates are frequent and the content is of good quality.  I found the member's area to be a good deal and have been back frequently ever since.

This is the most comprehensive and best site relating to spanking that I have seen so far. I especially enjoy the art sections. My job keeps me busy, but on weekends I truly enjoy spending time on your site. I want to check out the personals soon and who knows, like you say, maybe I can find my soulmate. 

Dear SassyJane,

You are doing a splendid job and your enthusiasm and
mine together on this delicious topic would surely
launch rockets!   i enjoyed watching the film clips of spanking and CANNOT WAIT
for the movies!!! I live in Sydney Australia.

Love Christine 

Subj: fantastic!
From: (katharine )
To: the only word I can use to describe your site. Thank you, Sassy Jane!

Jane, You are really on top of things and really well organized. I'm really impressed. Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. Take care, and stay sweet as you are. God Bless,

Probably the best spanking site I have seen. My favorite on the subject is F/f and the photo of you over the lap of the woman is just great. What marvelous legs and bottom. Best of Luck with the new site.

By the way, you are doing a nice job with the site. Looks great. I think as long as you can keep it innovative and refreshing. you've got a sure thing there...

Dear Sassy Jane, Firstly, thank you for all the care and time you've dedicated to our new spanking website.
I've had a love for spanking since I was a teenager and received a bare-bottom spanking by my girlfriend.
I have fantasized about it ever since. I dared not to speak about it fearing rejection and ridicule. Like I was from Mars. Over the years I've come to accept me for who I am and what I enjoy. Spanking is just a part of that.
Thank you for being there for all of us. I look forward to our new site and thank you again for such dedication.

Hosting a site of this quality is a labor of love. I love the member site and it's well worth .34 cents a day.  Thank you for keeping your word and updating as often as you said you would.  

Dear Jane,   Thanks for the look around your site. I just wanted to let you know I appreciate what you're doing and am fully aware of the amount of work that is going into it.  I've known about this quirk(?) since pre-school, but only let the cat properly out of the bag (to myself, really) about six months ago. I've browsed the web and, after the initial rush of liberation, have to say I find it (as you would expect) a little seedy and a little depressing. Something of a blister on the side of mainstream porn. I'm tired of feeling insulted by some peoples' idea of what they think I want to see. The whole thing is too anonymous and needs to be a bit more enquiring and enlightening. (Most of the serious writing seems to show that people who feel like this are curious about it.) Your site is a welcome attempt to separate this 'thing' from the rest, and achieve a balance in entertaining and enlightening those interested. Your comments and chat on the site are invaluable, and give the whole thing a personality that could be just what the people want. 

You member site is marvelous I think it will be a great success. Steve

This is my first visit and it looks like an excellent site. I found it through SSS   As you seem to be a real person and spanko.  This could become a real community site, which I think is needed.
Excellent site and if you want readers suggestions please ask. I know a lot of people in our onelist group liked your site and would contribute. Good luck

Congratulations! Yours is the BEST spanking site I have seen. I love your name, let alone your bravely bared bottom! "Sassyjane" and the picture of you sum up exactly what I'm looking for. INTELLIGENT, and SENSITIVE girls who are basically fun-loving and APPRECIATIVE of a man who really loves and cares and likes to hear your giggles as well as your moans.

 I love your style. Even your name, "Sassyjane" is right up my street. The thing I want from spanking website is evidence of intelligence, sensitivity, and beauty and yours has all three. You have all three! At 50, I have spent much longer in the "closet" than you, and I note your comment "even if I can't sit down so easily, I'm allot HAPPIER!" That's what it's all about, isn't it? We spankoes are basically FUN LOVING people. I want to hear your giggles as well as your squeals. I don't like "HARD PORN", in fact it rather revolts me, and neither do I like whips, chains, weal's and bondage Yugh!  That's a million miles from my fantasy of dishing out well-earned comeuppances to saucy "brats", pounding well-rounded buttocks with the flat of my hand only, seeing them wobble and glow, and producing squeals of delight rather than pain. 

Please do keep up your excellent work - your site has the potential to be the best spanking site ever. I am pleased to be one of your original supporters.

This is a great, great site I just happened upon...and I thought I'd seem 'em all!! Bravo!

I wanted to thank you for the reference to the website, it looks as though it will be a great one, I was most impressed with the questionnaire, the questions involved led me to believe the people in charge are looking to produce a quality site. Just wanted to again say thank you. 

Just a very quick note to say how much I appreciated your site. Fantastic and has the makings of something very special!  It was also very personal to see you in the photos - it would be lovely to see more of you and to hear more of your own experiences........maybe this is a possibility?  All the very best with its ongoing progress

I've had an interest in OTK Spanking since I was in my early teens. I'm really impressed with your site even though it brand "spanking" new...LOL :o) I have book marked your web page and I plan to come back to visit often. 

I am a professional web page developer and I just wanted to offer my help if you ever need any. Also, I wanted to say I enjoy your site immensely! 

Oh my God! I has no idea you were the Jane from the Shadow Lane video!!!!! That is my favorite video (as well as my friend Nancy's, who is going to get a good spanking for keeping it for the last four months!) and you are my all time favorite model from any of the many videos I've seen. Sorry to gush so, but I though you were absolutely perfect in it. Take care.

I really appreciate your initiative in setting up a good site that is friendly and not full of the usual exploitative porno rubbish that one finds elsewhere.

Found it by accident, but damn it looks good.

I love your site !!! Looking forward to the introduction of the personals. I answered the survey about a week ago, returned tonight and found many updates. 

Nice site Jenny...good luck...I'll be stopping by often to watch how you progress...

I love the way your site is progressing and I loved you in Shadow lane's, Artists Colony. You came off as being the ultimate brat . Kirstie was pretty good too. Did the Countess really spank hard ? You didn't look like you were in too much discomfort...Kirstie really got it...she seems like she can really take a lot. Thank you once again for a lovely website!

Hi, loved your site. I liked your collection of "bottom" pictures. I also liked the fact that they weren't just bare bottoms. You also had ladies in swimsuits etc., with their cute behinds on display. I really liked that idea. I think it would be cool if you posted photos like that of female Celebes in their swim suits, tight skirts, etc. Keep up the good work, Angela.

Where have you been all my life <lol> Great sight, good luck and many, thanks.

Very good site - I'm looking forward to its future!!

Keep up the good work..A good site like this is hard to find!

Hi Sassy Jane,

Your site is a brave and ambitious venture, and I'd like to send some material

I am enjoying your site so far and look forward to further updates. I want you to know that the second drawing in the Adult Drawing Post 1970 section of the woman taking a hairbrush to an unfortunate ( or fortunate) young man's bright red bottom is my exact fantasy. I fantasize about being that young man. Please more like this drawing! Thanks!

Thank you for the nice spanking site. 

We will visit again. Cheers, and well done ! Dick & Dee

I "stumbled" across your site on the internet, and just wanted to tell you I think that it's great. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing it develop. P.S. Still trying to pick out your fanny from the "Bottoms" galleries. Any hints? ;-)

Great ! Great ! Great!  I want to continue visiting your site - IT'S WONDERFUL !!!

Hi, Have just been looking at your sight, I realize it is not yet finished but it is already good and if you keep going the same way it will be great . Thank you and well done!!!!

I love your new web site and look forward to enjoying it on a regular basis. I submitted the registration form, and you can count on my support. 

Hi, I am a 21 year old male student. After coming across your site I found it amazing, Congratulations on a wonderful site.


Great site, and I enjoyed the survey  .I'll be back to visit again properly - only had a quick view today. Thanks and good luck.

There are many spanking sites, and it looks like you are trying hard to make yours the best, which is quite a task. I am a senior citizen with a long history of interest in this (since about 13), and of course for most of my life there was nothing "open" about spanking and no one to talk to.

I just looked at your site. I liked what I saw. Looking forward to updates.

Sassy Jane: I really admire your initiative in getting your new site going and wish you the best of luck. Jonathan


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