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The biggest and best spanking site in the world. Set up and run by a real live girl and spankophile. Something for everyone. Large “memories” section. Easy to move about. No banner ads or adult checks. There are over 1000 stories, photos, and drawings in the member area with a large FREE area. BIG links pages.

You found me! This site has been active since mid January 2000. Our member section is being updated every week. We have over 20,000 spanking items on our sites.  We add over 1000 great new spankings items every month to the sites like clockwork. That's over 12,0000 GREAT spanking items a year.  Why not let me search the world for you and find the best, rarest, and most exciting spanking items available anywhere? 

YES, I am a real live girl. The photos are of me.  There are over 1,000 more photos of me in the Member area.

I have been thinking of going over a loving man's (or woman's) knee since I was five years old or so. I held this all in until I was over 30! ... and well... I can't sit as well as I used to but I am a LOT happier.   

Please have a look around and come back often. 

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Warmest Wishes,

Sassy Jane 


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